District manipulation of test refusals.


Several teachers have written in with the promise of anonymity, to report that their districts have held clandestine meetings to insist they pressure parents against test refusals. This highly unethical, unprecedented gag order, appears to be a condition of their employment.

Parents, be well aware that teachers are being threatened and pressured by school districts to counsel parents that they must NOT REFUSE the state exams. This is a fact. These teachers are also on a gag order that they’re not to discuss common core in any negative way and must put on the facade of being fully for the agenda. This is not something we as parents fighting common core, and fighting for children and teacher rights, can accept. Where are the unions? When ever in history has there ever been such a noose around the necks of those in charge of teachers? You cannot OPT OUT, BUT YOU ARE WELL WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS TO REFUSE. Do not allow yourself to be bullied out of this. Do what’s right for your family and for the children of this nation. Data mining and profit driven, big business big government Common Core, and the obsessive testing environment is not right. We know this. Stand your ground. Let your teachers know you know your rights. Shame on these administrators and districts who should first “do no harm”. Shame on NYSED AND USDOE for resorting to such manipulation.

Teachers WANT you to opt out. They resent being rated by meaningless tests that are designed to fail. They hate wasting their ideas and experience spending the year teaching to these age inappropriate exams, to determine their alleged effectiveness. They are on a gag order. No freedom of speech for them. For parents it is different. Speak out, before it is too late.

The #stopcommoncore movement needs you to refuse, while it is still legal to do so.

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