The right man for the job.

Parents don’t recall being consulted when John King, controversial former NYS Commissioner of education, was hired. We were also not given credence when we asked for his resignation last year. And of course, we were not consulted when he was, despite his tone deaf reign, promoted to the US department of education. Is it possible we could somehow now have a voice in who gets to make education policies for our children from this point? Regents Chancellor Tisch says no. She is making the choice, unilaterally. Without any input, and in secret.

Let’s challenge that by respectfully requesting the regents consider the children’s choice. Tim Farley will go to bat for an appropriate education for our children. He will change the course of the reign of terror of common core. If you are truly in it to win in, to fix New York schools, please support Mr. Farley now. Tim Farley is the right choice, the children’s choice.

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