How to keep politically borne educational programs funded using common core math.


More cash is being funneled into programs that will be impossible to continue. Way to go, again, New York politicians.  The mayor of NYC has more plans for the poor. More of your “charity” is the last thing we need. How is this sustainable? Did you take a single economics course in college? Did you ever plan your own household finances?

More money pouring in when it is clear as day it will be impossible to maintain is reckless. This is the current educational trend. Pour bad money after bad. Say it is for the children. Justify it and those who trust and don’t research will believe. The poor suffer and look to you for help. Maybe you’ll even get a vote or two.

How is this money managed? Have you no financial advisers? Time and again you’ve misspent. Look at the horrendous race to the top funding. Gone. Common core is supported by unfunded Mandates. The “smart bond” borrows billions for equipment that will be obsolete within three years, yet our grandkids will be paying it off. Big business married to big government with a bouquet of greed is a disaster for our children both academically and financially.

The American public needs to take a look at this mess and demand accountability. Big business has taken down education. It’s become the national school of WalMart. Do we not want better for our children?

And on a national, even more horrifying scale: