How does your school’s mission statement measure up under common core? The answer may surprise you.


Stakeholders? Rubrics? These should not be terms used for educating our youth.  All parents are encouraged to compare their local school statements with the goals of private schools. Note this random school here. On page 5, view the goals which are so very different than the mission of the common core aligned schools. Do we not want better than rigor and college and career ready, to line the pockets of the already rich corporations and business professionals? Doesn’t a mission of true success sound like what we would want for our children?

Enclosed is the link to a private, non common core aligned curriculum. Here are words we simply haven’t seen in a while when describing a school:

Ongoing process

The local, common core elementary schools often use these words:

College and career ready
3-8 assessments
Race to the top
K though college and career data system
Support targeted interventions
Teacher distribution inequity
Aligned to the CCSS

Think of the money funneled into common core, and what a beautiful education it could have paid for by properly funding schools, minus the corporate agenda.
We need to get back to basics. The billionaire way is not the best way.

Additional contributions from guest bloggers Mike Lincoln and Dena Schwartz, #stopcommoncore activists from New York State.