Can U Overcome My Oppression: CUOMO.


Can U Overcome My Oppression?

While I disagree with a great deal of what Governor Cuomo does I must give him this…he is the consummate politician. It seems whenever he delivers any negative news about Common Core and HIS education policies it is done to carefully coincide with another more publicly acceptable announcement. He is the master of misdirection, the David Copperfield of politics. He has you watch one thing while he makes another disappear. At this time he is trying to pull off the grand daddy of all tricks: he wants to make three things disappear at once….THREE THINGS!!!! Teachers, the teachers’ unions, and the biggie…drum roll please….PUBLIC EDUCATION!!!

Unfortunately my friends and neighbors this is no trick. It is not an illusion. It is reality. Unless those of us involved step up our game another notch or two, and unless others become active and not just hit the “like” icon on their facebook page, then he will bully his way over all of us, parents and teachers alike, on his way to exerting control over our children, schools, and communities. Then he will hand over direct control to the Pearsons, Browns, Gates, Broads, Murdochs, and Waltons of the world and, make no mistake, he will collect a large paycheck, oops…I mean “donation,” for doing so.

To quote Michael Lambert who very succinctly shows the insidiousness of what Cuomo has done:
“1) Incompetent implementation of so-called education reforms. Check.

2) Implement teacher evaluation process using student assessments as percentage of overall teacher performance. Check

3) Artificial manipulation of cut scores of Common Core aligned assessments to guarantee a high failure rate. Check.

4) Shift assessments used to evaluate teachers to Common Core aligned tests…..

……If number 4 occurs it is check and mate.”

Michael is correct; King Cuomo (no pun intended) has successfully accomplished the first three, and now 4 is in the works. Most recently Cuomo has reneged on another promise…this time on a bill drafted by him and his own team! I am referring to the “safety net” he proposed for teachers and students regarding use of test scores. As reported in the December 29th, 2014 edition of the NY Times “Cuomo Vetoes Bill That Would Have Protected Teachers From Low Ratings” The story can be found here

But allow me to summarize it for you: Cuomo vetoed his own bill to provide teachers a safety net for two years to allow teachers some adjustment time to , however, will not allow the test scores to be used against students….let that sink in for a moment. Now ask yourself why; why would he separate the teachers’ and students’ stakes in his system? The answer is simple: the groundswell against Common Core and testing is growing, more parents are becoming engaged, more individual teachers are beginning to speak up. Cuomo, like the Grinch, “must stop UNITY from coming.” He needs to push his agenda hard and fast.

Cuomo hopes that by granting the kids a stay of execution that parents will take their foot off the gas pedal and slow their anti CC momentum. He hopes that if kids aren’t affected by test then all the Opt Out Movement will stop. He hopes to use parents and their children as pawns to further his personal power! As a parent that disgusts me. In the meantime scores that kids really have no reason to care about will further his vendetta against teachers and unions (his whole thing about caring about teacher quality to begin with is a sham…..he wants his hedge fund pals to get their money grab). All the while though CC will be cemented in…..this is nothing more than a measure to get parents to back off. He is playing everyone for fools.

Do we let him?

The greatest gift parents can to give their children is time.

Will you make the time to fight for your child? Will you make the time to fight for all children?

Respectfully submitted,

John S.
Concerned Citizen, Educator