On “teacher bashing”.


Guest blog courtesy of Michael Bohr, The Contemporary Insurgent.

Regarding accusations of “Teacher Bashing”…
As parents, we move to towns with higher tax rates in order to provide our children the opportunity of a good education. We work overtime and 2nd and 3rd jobs, as well as living in a state of impoverishment to accomplish this as well. This goes for almost everyone, no matter ones income
level. So, when we are, without our advice and consent, forced to pay even more for less than what our children deserve via the Common Core Agenda of failed educational practices, parents and educators get angry. We do not haphazardly “bash” teachers as a whole… But we do and will continue to “bash” those so-called educators who, through complacency, alliance or apathy, continue to take our hard earned tax dollars and allow the immediate suffering of our children in class today and the long term suffering of our kids tomorrow because of a lousy education.
Short of political trolls, the only teachers who get bashed are the ones destroying, or allowing the destruction, our children’s futures through support or apathy of the CCA.
When someone’s financial survival is directly dependent upon their hand being in the pockets of the very parents of the children they are supposed to properly educate, the moral high ground is lost to them and as such, the argument of “what would you sacrifice” is moot because it is not just our treasure that is sacrificed already, it is our children who are on the chopping block of this politicorporate educational fascism.
The greatest contribution to a society is that a parent ensures their children are properly educated in morality and virtue as much, if not moreso, as the proverbial “3 R’s”. When we see people working to implement a system of educational piracy that fails to do ANY of those things, whether they be cheerleaders for it or just more concerned for themselves than they are the damage it is doing, parents AND educators are duty bound to call them out!
Those that say we are bashing all teachers and attempt to lump the good with the bad only perpetuate the ability of education fascists to keep the Common Core Agenda moving “forward” and our children’s sufferings in place.
Yes, lines are being drawn… On one side, Cuomo, Bush, Obama, Gates, Clinton, Teachers Unions, Pearson, the GOP and DNC leadership, et al…
On the other side, THIS side… parents, children and good, honest teachers who do not just fall in line with corrupt unions, politicians and corporations.
If you are a teacher on this side of the line, you are not being bashed! If you are on the former, we’re coming after you with a vengeance!
In short, don’t parent bash us for looking out for our own kids when all you are doing is looking out for yours.