Czars and dictators, coming soon to a school near you.


Education czars, the new trend under educrat reform.

When schools “need help”, as determined by the US or NYS department of ed, someone is put on payroll and sent their way. But, if the “failure” of these schools is based on unreasonable common core test scores, or other arbitrary problems oligarchs in power determined, then these created positions are just another waste of tax payer money. Not to mention, who are these people “in charge” of “fixing” what they consider broken? What are their credentials? Not only are these problems perhaps created by the very system that offers these “professionals” (pawns) to swoop in with their red capes to save the day, but their very salaries drain the schools that could benefit from their incomes. Insult added to injury, these people are not usually democratically elected, but instead Department of education political appointees, who are filling a role in the common core federal and corporate take over agenda.

Whether it is a district czar, a special education czar, a lunch czar, or any other, is this political overlord really the direction we want for our schools?

“I feel like this is a union busting effort,” said Eve Shippens, a delegate with the Buffalo Teachers Federation. She feared “they’re going to come in and take away democratic and public control of the public schools here, and they’re going to come in and undo the contracts.”
Marsha Phillips, Chair of the Buffalo Parent Teachers Association said “Who gives someone the power? A czar! I mean in the United States of America we’re talking about a czar taking over districts and eliminating board power, and just never even giving the parents a voice to be heard.” (And cutting special Ed by a random, whopping 30% this upcoming year.)

“At a recent Board of Education meeting, a new head of “The Department of Teaching and Learning” was introduced. This is a new position created with taxpayer money in order to oversee the special education department. The salary paid to this individual could have been used in ways that would have more directly benefited those students who need the most support. Instead, this individual was introduced.”
The issue isn’t so much about the “the children”….it’s about thrusting yet another controlling progressive government program onto Americans. It is a perfect example of progressiveness – the “experts” know better than you and I, and by God, they are going to legislate the peons into eating exactly what they feel is best for us. While sending their own children to private schools with chefs preparing their lunches.

“….The new Czar is David J. Johns, a former member of Columbia University’s Concerned Students of Color set up to protest an affirmative action bake sale. Johns graduated with a triple major in English, Creative Writing and African American Studies, which would have made him unemployable in any real job.

But fortunately there are plenty of unreal jobs available for professional activists.”

And there are complete overhaul czars, too. So much for any kind of democracy at all.

We are willing to bet there are no czars or dictators of any kind in the private schools attended by children of the oligarchs.