No children should be harmed by common core. None.


Is common core backtracking the equal rights movement?

Common core was supposed to level the playing field. Allegedly. It has done the exact opposite. The poorest students are struggling worse than before. And the educrat answer to this dilemma might surprise you.

All races are born equal, equally intelligent and capable. It is financial poverty that causes a divide in success. All children should be given equal opportunities regardless of race or socioeconomic status. Poverty has caused inequality. That is what needs to be addressed.

How do we as parents teach our children black and white are equal, if they are now to be educated seperately? Americans, of all races, fought for equality during The civil rights movement, decades ago. Segregated schools came to an end. Peaceful activists like Martin Luther King, and even civilians like Rosa Parks, battled for a public unity. They did not ask for separate, they demanded equality.

Are we that damaged as a nation that we are going to throw all that away? How will we show our children that all Americans are level under this new agenda? Common core is for all Americans, whether we like it or not, right? That includes Jewish Americans, Korean Americans, Chinese Americans, Mexican Americans and African Americans. How much more change will common cores inappropriate standards bring to education? We say no. End this madness for all students. If it is impossible for minorities to succeed under common core, then common core is not a success.

Common core – Is. Not. A. Success. –

“Politico notes a hefty federal role in education is essential for the civil rights cause, and that the federal government’s data collection made public “can shame schools into doing better” for racial minorities.

Regarding NCLB, Nancy Zirkin, executive vice president for the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, told Politico, “We see this as a civil rights bill.”

“I am hard pressed to understand how you give states federal money with no strings attached,” she added.”

Poor children do not succeed in school equal to affluent. That much is true. Address poverty. It is long over due.

So the million dollar question is, is “raising the bar”, as common core purports to do, the answer for closing the achievement gap? Or is it simply confusing all the children, and most all are doing worse scholastically than they did prior to this inappropriate curriculum? And what of the disabled or special needs children? They are still to be held to what has clearly been determined as unattainable standards for children at risk? Surely exempting a child from common cores abusive requirements based on their name or skin color, is not only further segregating the broken educational system, but also sending a horrific message. Why is the country not addressing poverty? Not all minorities want differentiated instruction. And for that matter, non minority children deserve to find reprieve from common core as much as the next child. End this testing obsession for all students. To do anything less is morally unacceptable.

Glen Dagliesh, co founder of Stop Common Core in New York State states:

“Equality is now being replaced with “equity” to mask the issues we face in the US. All these measures are to pump up the graduation rates, even if they have to eliminate tests for minorities. This however does nothing to fix the issues on why some of our children, ALL races not just minorities, are not making the grade. Pumping up the stats is great for reports but does nothing for the lives of those children. Bureaucrat solutions, not real solutions.”

Shame on these people.

The most baffling is the logistics of this reaction to testing failure. How would a school test one child and not the other, when based on race? Would this plan include all low income children, or just minorities? Do the children on free or reduced lunch simply leave the room while the others remain? Do their tests simply get thrown away if they tick a data mining box on their exam stating their ethnicities? Do zip codes matter? Do children who are minorities but reside in affluent areas take the tests anyway? This is sheer madness. This is an unhealthy curriculum and this is an even worse solution to the problem it created.

Stop the madness. #STOPCOMMONCORE