Common core. The biggest big money take over you know nothing about.


Get inside common core marketing and funding. Because they say that without politicians and philanthropists, parents and teachers could never imagine what was best for their children. We are far too ignorant and in need of guidance from the nanny state. And the fact that corporations will receive returns from their investments, well, move along- nothing to see here.

This is a bipartisan, dual agenda nightmare. This is a must read.

Must read:

“Here’s a Plan to Turn Around U.S. Education — and Generate $225 Trillion


WHAT THIS IS: Creating high national standards to ensure college-ready, globally competitive graduates.

HOW WE ACHIEVE THIS: Recent steps are preliminary. New instructional materials, assessments and professional development help ensure success. While Common Core has critics on both extremes of the political spectrum, those in the sensible center rightly view high national standards, coupled with tools to achieve success, as a no-brainer.

INVESTMENT: $185.4 billion
RETURN: $27.9 trillion

The push is hot and heavy now. The backlash has gotten so enormous, it’s mentioned in every pro common core instance. It’s dismissed as ignorant parents and educators. The common core pushers, paid by Gate$, are here to save the day for the poor, poor children and their helpless, hopeless caregivers. Get to know the agenda, and the marketing overlords. The children depend on you.

Cashing in on the common core: how billionaires rule our schools video Who is Pearson?

In case you missed it, must read.–and-martin/ core marketing.

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