State Bill to begin career planning for ten year olds.


At an age where most girls want to be dancers or veterinarians and many boys want to be professional ball players, regardless of ability, corporate and fed led Ed is now going to pin them down into career choices. This has been done for years in China and Germany, choices are made for the youngest students. This is a very different America than prior to the common core take over, indeed.

This is a BILL. A State bill.

Perhaps a select few children, before their 11th birthday, prior to their first date, before even entering adolescence, or even having a realistic view of the real world, will know and fulfill their dream career. That is surely not the norm in what used to be America the democracy. (No longer are we a democracy; . )

But now these kids will be clustered into a college and career path at age 10 and 11. This is already happening for the older set, but at this young age it just seems silly. Just like common core. Nonsensical.

The guidance counselors under common core, are being retrained as career counselors. They are driving students into career paths in elementary and middle school. The ACT Explore test maps 26 career areas for students. Your child will have a career picked for them based on their responses at young ages. Like China.

Click to access Handout3-CCSSElementaryActionBrief_Final_Feb2013.pdf

For most building leaders and counselors, the CCSS lay out a
new set of expectations that are more cognitively demanding.
The adoption of these standards means that all, not just some,
students should be on the pathway to college and career
readiness. Such a pathway has never been more critical to
students for their personal success, success as citizens in a representative democracy and economic success.

This piece is a must read.

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Cradle to career, it’s just nefarious sounding. Diapers to dust? Horrible! They’re trying to pick a career path early and data sponge from infancy. Not good. At all.

How do you feel about the life choice freedom that makes people from all over the world flee to our country, being taken away?

Are you comfortable in The State, under common core, pigeon holing young children this way?