Free fed and corporate led college? What could go wrong?


Community College for free. What could go wrong?

Have you considered why? Or how?
Well, many have.

We have also wondered why now? In this educational climate of fed and corp led Ed, be very, very leery of such “gifts”.

Here is some information on what -could- be rotten in Denmark.

“Dissenting readers feared this plan would be a means of imposing NCLB, Race to the Top, and VAM on higher education.

Here is an email I received with other concerns from a professor of mathematics at the University of Memphis:

Dear Professor,

Perhaps you are aware that President Obama is visiting Knoxville, TN, today to talk about his free community college program

I think there are many people who (should) have a less than enthusiastic take on this proposal, since it is just a manifestation of the national movement to privatize public education.

In my opinion, the idea behind this free community college proposal is to weaken high quality education (public universities), and then easily implement privatization in the form of outsourcing university/college functions (teaching, research) to private companies. Part of this future will be the wide spread use low quality forms of education, such as online courses.

Concrete example for transferring funds from high quality education to lower quality….”

“…this would federalize and bureaucratize the community college process in an age when specialization is king and K-12 federal standards such as Common Core have come under fire.”

“Socialist unicorns and Marxist rainbows aside, what will Obama’s “free” plan cost taxpayers? The answer: $60 billion over 10 years, according to a White House official.”

“Swell. Obama wants #FreeCommunityCollege so Common Core-impaired American kids can have 2 more yrs of brainwashing,” Malkin tweeted.”


In case this seems just terrific, here is the proof that there is an agenda involved in this community college plan. It’s to be all Gate$Core. Common core college.
He is nothing if not a shrewd businessman. He’s not pouring money into something like this for no benefit to his cause of common core.
Duncan loves this. Common core in college. What could be better?

They’re hoping we don’t notice, again.