2015. Teachers taking it back.


This week in common core testing outrage, educators speak out. Who will be next?


And : http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2015/01/20/teacher-refuses-to-give-common-core-test-to-kids-with-her-superintendents-support/
And : http://www.businessinsider.com/long-island-teacher-beth-dimino-stands-up-against-the-common-core-2015-1

“More than 20,000 LI school children refused to take the state tests last April. No local teacher, however, has gone so far as Dimino to publicly voice his/her intention to refuse to even proctor the exams. She tells the Press her unprecedented decision is simply a matter of conscience, and spelled out as much in a recent letter to Comsewogue Superintendent Dr. Joe Rella, who’s also gone on record as a staunch Common Core dissident.

“I find myself at a point in the progress of education reform in which clear acts of conscience will be necessary to preserve the integrity of public education,” she writes, adapting her language from a template of a letter sent to New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farino by city schoolteachers/education advocates Colin Schumacher, Emmy Matias and Jia Lee—co-founders of a movement aimed at inspiring others to refuse administering the exams. “I can no longer implement policies that seek to transform the broad promises of public education into a narrow obsession with the ranking and sorting of children.

“I will not distort curriculum in order to encourage students to comply with bubble test thinking,” continues her letter. “I can no longer, in good conscience, push aside months of instruction to compete in a state-wide ritual of meaningless and academically bankrupt test preparation. I have seen clearly how these reforms undermine teachers’ love for their profession and undermine students’ intrinsic love of learning.”

Dimino hopes other local educators will follow her lead and oppose subjecting their students to the tests by refusing to administer them.”

http://wnyt.com/article/stories/S3682529.shtml?cat=300. (Includes MUST SEE video).

“Last year only 31 percent of students in grades three through eight scored proficient on the ELA assessments statewide. Jennifer fears more students will fail in 2015 with tests she calls unfair. She says they include literature five years past a sixth grade reading level, distractors and provocative language.
“This is not developmentally appropriate for my students and I find it cruel and harmful to suggest that it is. I don’t believe in knowingly setting my students up for failure. I cannot remain silent for one more day,” said Rickert.
The teacher of 22 years received a standing ovation from a room full of parents and colleagues.”


Don’t forget this one:


“The report is disturbing to read. Educators reported that students pulled out their eyelashes, wet their pants, yanked at their hair and got physically ill in response to these difficult, developmentally inappropriate, confusing exams. Special education students were particularly affected.

While my own district did not submit a comment, other area schools did. The feedback from educators about the cc exams students took was overwhelmingly negative.
Which begs the question, why on earth would any parent allow their child to take these tests and how on earth does an educator administer it without feeling conflicted about what they are subjecting students to? Does this not violate teachers code of ethics?”


Yet many NY superintendents are strong arming teachers into GUILTING and manipulating parents into allowing testing of their children, under the false threat of potential funding loss.

Who here is refusing this state sanctioned child abuse?