New Yorkers are taking it back. Piece by piece.


Stop Common Core In New York State’s Ulster County chapter contributes this piece, regarding the current state of common core outrage in New York State.

“This is a strong start to 2015. A Long Island teacher refused to administer the tests last week. A few more went public with the media as well on their concerns. Just recently, The Kingston Action for Education Parent group which also includes two Ulster County Against Common Core administrators, helped organize a legislative resolution against common core, and have spoken against the testing. Sheldon Silver was arrested today for corruption, and Gov. Cuomo under investigation. NYSAPE is calling for a full investigation of Gov. Cuomo’s Ed policies. Nysut has spoken out. So has the UFT. Parents are refusing. Teachers are protesting. Teachers and parents have had enough. This is a turning point for our region.” And, Must see video.

Please note that New Yorkers are fed up. They have tried to reason with legislators on the fed and corporate take over of schools with an inappropriate curriculum and have been consistently ignored and disrespected. Now they’re calling attention to their cause: the children of New York.