Cuomo Ed Plan to Fall on Backs of NYS Taxpayers


Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY



Dubbed the 2015 “Opportunity” agenda in his State of the State address, the Governor’s proposal for education reform is anything but.

Cuomo crafted a teacher evaluation plan but recently vetoed his own bill in a stunning about face. He now wants to amend APPR by increasing the reliance on student test scores (50%), decreasing the importance of classroom observations and diminishing local control surrounding the components of the ratings system. In other words, Cuomo seeks to hijack public education at the local level by instituting punitive teacher accountability measures under the guise of education policy.

Cuomo proposes to implement a system that mirrors the Massacusetts turn around model. He touts the likely“success” of the this plan despite the fact that research clearly shows turn around plans are risky and rarely work in the education setting.

Cuomo purports to offer $1.1 billion in new school aid. The proposal does not…

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