Help stop the reauthorization of ESEA! Immediate action needed!


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There is a new bill being fast tracked and we have some huge concerns. Most of us agree that NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND / ESEA need to go. They do NOT NEED ANOTHER SEVEN YEARS to see how they play out. But that’s just what this bill will do.
We have been fighting common core on a local or state level, but Lamar Alexander and the rest of the usdoe may just take away that option. With Lamar Alexander’s Bill positioned to be voted on THIS WEEK there may no longer be any state or local control to fight – the FEDS will own it all and all our work, all the strides we have taken to kill this beast – will be LOST. They haven’t even finished writing the bill, BUT ARE RUSHING IT THROUGH LIKE MANY OTHERS and will be voting on it! We cannot have another bill that we must “first pass to see whats inside”!

There are nearly 400 pages in this bill. Why the rush? Let it be properly dissected first so we don’t get blindsided and hornswaggled again.

There are some hopeful points in this bill. That cannot be denied. However, there are also many valid concerns that even the proponents of this bill acknowledge. This bill gives the USDOE the right to veto any state planned curriculum, which will continue the abusive and unwanted federal overreach and common core.
The money lies in common core. They aren’t going to let it go down quietly. This bill may ensure the womb to tomb workforce goals. We have to halt it and review it. Not shove it through.

CALL 202-224-3121 and insist they halt the vote.
Contact Sen Alexander on your concerns.

Boom here it is.

“Fact 1. There’s a de facto federal database composed of fifty individual databases with interoperable State Longitudinal Database Systems. These feed on the federal school testing/data collecting system, and feed different federal databases and their powerful branches. This clearly violates “consent of the governed” because nobody can opt out.

QUESTION 1: Would LaMar’s bill restore “consent of the governed” to education and to student data mining?

Fact 2. There’s a federal testing system comprised of Common Core aligned, synchronized testing partnerships: PARCC, SBAC, and AIR. This violates Constitutional separation of powers since the federal government has no business in state-directed educational affairs such as testing.

QUESTION 2: Would LaMar’s bill restore separation of powers and deny federal supervision of school tests?

Fact 3. There’s a corporate cartel of educational technology and text sellers (Pearson Inc, partnered with Gates/Microsoft, etc) advising the federal testing system. This violates the Constitutional principle of agency; individuals and states are coerced to use certain corporations’ products with federal approval.

QUESTION 3: Would LaMar’s bill restore a diverse exchange of academic ideas to the American textbook and technology market?

Fact 4. The corporate cartel finances the private groups that created and copyrighted the common education and the common data tags programs. Federal approval of such financing and implementation is clear by the official partnering of the U.S. Dept. of Education with the private creator-copyrighter groups. That violates consent of the governed, too.

QUESTION 4: Would LaMar’s bill create fairness and freedom for non-Common Core aligned education providers?

Fact 5. Because Common Core standards are copyrighted, states (voters, teachers, you and I) don’t get to vote on them. There’s no amendment process for any state to alter Common Core Standards nor the Common Education Data System (CEDS). Federal promotion and partnershipping with those who copyrighted nonamendable standards, violates states’ rights and consent of the governed.

QUESTION 5: Would LaMar’s bill move us away from these chokehold national standards and restore individual agency?

Fact 6. Both Republican and Democratic politicians are hacking at the limbs of the Constitution openly, aiming to phase out the authority of the states and of parents regarding educational authority, privacy and other issues. Aiming to “phase out the authority of states” is blatantly unconstitutional.

QUESTION 6: Would LaMar’s bill stop the Department of Education’s agenda to “phase out state authority”?

Now, to the bill-
…. the bill’s purpose statement: “to restore freedom”, conflicts with its own title: “The Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015“.

This bill by its title and throughout its text cements the Common Core Initiative into federal law without once using the term “Common Core”. How?

Did you know that the phrase College and Career Ready has been repeatedly, federally and corporationally defined in multiple places as only Common Core. (See College and Career Ready definition: the Dept. of Education defines college and career ready standards as “standards common to a significant number of states.” There is one thing that meets that definition. Anytime you see “college and career ready,” run; it equals only the Common Core.”


A parent, special Ed advocate, and stop common core lead says this:

“There are some serious inaccuracies here. And it might just be time to get loud. Congress did indeed approve NCLB, Ted Kennedy was the main proponent. Big bi-partisan signing ceremony…it was a big deal! They are NOT “headed in the right direction” with this rushed reauthorization. Nothing that is rushed is ever the best route. They are headed in the direction of cementing Common Core in place at the Federal level and they are jamming it through as fast as possible. Alexander has been a CC proponent from the get-go. Dr. Sandra Stotsky is right! ESEA/NCLB needs to die. This reauthorization is a ruse! ANY testing mandated in Fed legislation is a problem, “reducing” it is not a fix. This bill is about 380 pages too long. The devil is hidden in all of those ‘details.'”

Another activist writes:

“States Rights Title I funding ‘following the child” bypasses the state legislature. Does the state legislature truly understand that they will have NO power once these “CHOICE” funds are directed to the individual child? They will have no control of the purse strings! Stop the Re-Authorization of ESEA. Stop the fast track.

( )

Local Control Common Core Standards control the workforce curriculum bypassing local school boards and teachers in the classroom.
“Choice” diminishes control over local taxing authority when funding goes directly to the student. Common Core and “Choice” create the perfect storm for the takeover via Charter Schools that have no elected school boards.

Parents will have no voice in workforce curriculum.

The tax base will be destroyed with “Choice” stipends exploding across district, county & state lines.


“Dr. Sandra Stotsky sent me an email about attempts to reauthorize and “fix” No Child Left Behind/Elementary and Secondary Education Act. To summarize what she said… “don’t do it” because Common Core is built into the bill being considered.

Her message to our readers:

The bill builds in Common Core in a clever way–by putting the “Plan” for academic content standards in each state in the hands of its DoE. Moreover, not only does it put control of the “Plan” into a state’s department of education, it also excludes development and review of the “Plan” by academic experts at the college level. Very clever language contributed probably by Fordham.”

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The re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is being discussed in congress now.
Will we allow education reform to end local control? That is the question. Will we allow it? It is our children they are harming and our hard earned money they are stealing. Yes, stealing. The new ESEA bill will enable a huge power, money and data grab by the federal government that will end up closing our neighborhood schools and forcing our students to comply with workforce training standards. This is not hyperbole.
This bill will codify the adoption of the Common Core and the annual high-stakes testing regime that everyone knows is a huge waste of time and money– not an effective means for establishing “accountability.” It will continue to eviscerate teaching as a profession by making it impossible for teachers to teach. It will decrease authentic learning experiences in school.
Teachers who work with poor students, special needs children, and English language learners will constantly be at risk for termination because their annual evaluation will be based on failing student test scores. Students will experience an endless cycle of computer delivered tests which will identify areas of non-compliance and specify individual interventions to be applied until complete compliance to the standards is attained. What will happen to students who will not or cannot comply? What if your child doesn’t have enough “grit?”
These standards are not just measuring academic subjects. They are measuring and conditioning our children’s character. The Department of Labor is involved in this scheme to train students for a workforce tailored for our biggest corporations. The Department of Defense will be tracking recruits for our military. The new bill being proposed by Senator Lamar Alexander to update ESEA is called the “Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015.” It will be used to usher in the next phase of Obama’s Equity in Education Plan.
Anita Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher and parent, has created a list of what is needed to accomplish the goals of the Obama Plan:

• charter schools replace public schools

• everyone has federal Title I choice funds to go to any school (charter, private or religious schools)

• every child is taught the same standards

• every teacher must teach the same standards

• every test must be aligned to these standards

• curriculum and software is aligned to standards

• everything listed here is aligned to government data collection compliance

The goal seems to be to spend huge amounts of federal money on standards, testing, teacher evaluations, data collection, and interventions to control what students know and what they can do. That is a very strange goal for a republic based on individual freedoms. Knowledge is freedom. Privacy is freedom. Neither will be available in schools.
The NCLB waivers handed out by Arne Duncan allow all children in public school to be funded under Title I by changing the definition of who is poor or educationally deprived to anyone not meeting Common Core standards. Free and reduced lunch guidelines of 40% school wide were dropped to 0%. Everything on the list has been accomplished already except for the replacement of all neighborhood schools with charters and Title I funds following the child to any charter, private or religious school. This bill enables completion of the list.
The re-authorized ESEA will nationalize a voucher system that would allow tax dollars to be used to “follow the child” to private schools or charter schools depriving neighborhood public schools of predictable funding based on property taxes. Our local schools will collapse due to financial instability. Think it can’t happen here?
This scenario is already playing out in many areas making promises of “choice” an ugly lie. When a charter school is proposed in an area, it inevitably takes students and funding away from the neighborhood public school. Neighborhood schools have to close. The child doesn’t end up with a choice. He is now forced to go to the only show in town – the charter schools with the inexperienced teachers, no special needs services, often no art or music and a Common Core curriculum controlled by the federal government.
In general charter schools have failed to demonstrate any improved outcomes for students. They do invest a lot of money in slick marketing campaigns to get students in the door. Once the child is registered, interest in their attendance, participation and success somehow disappears.
Milwaukee has had a voucher system for fourteen years. The results have been dismal. It has not resulted in the academic improvement for inner city students from impoverished neighborhoods that was predicted.
Evaluations of voucher systems have not shown any test score advantage for students who get vouchers.A report from the Associated Press on the schools receiving the money from Milwaukee’s school voucher program stated that one school entertained kids with Monopoly while cashing $330,000 in tuition checks for hundreds of no-show students. Another charter school operator closed their doors in the middle of the year and ran off to Florida with the money. How come authorities know all about this but nobody is going to jail?
Charter schools are a blatant example of taxation without representation. The mass destruction of neighborhood schools with locally elected school boards will signal the end of local control. Tax payer funded for-profit charter schools run by unelected regional managers, staffed by 21-year-old Teach for America recruits delivering the Common Core on computers will become the only “choice.” Parents and students will have no one to complain to and nowhere else to go. Any private school that accepts one penny of Title I funds will be under government control.
Student’s personally identifiable information is already accessible to third party vendors. Our children are being subjected to a pre-k through work total surveillance data mining system. This bill puts the federal government in charge instead of the states. State bureaucrats may find themselves irrelevant under this new arrangement.
Governor Cuomo and Tisch will probably move up to the federal level when they realize their power has been usurped. John King has already made his move.
Who wants to end local control? Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. have been orchestrating this power grab for decades. It is technology that has finally made it all possible. They are lying through their teeth to justify the invasive data collection, surveillance and tracking of our students and teachers right now in congress. States will not have any power over schools that are funded by Title I money from the federal government. There will be no locally elected school boards to oversee what is being taught, who is being hired and fired, and how our money is being spent. New York state representatives and local school board members better wake up and fight to retain their power within our republic. It is worth fighting for. We will all help. Contact Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand as well as Representative Patrick Maloney and let them know you want this bill to be thrown out. It cannot be amended. It is comprised of hundreds of pages of complete hogwash. ESEA doesn’t need to be re-authorized. NCLB and RTTT don’t need to be tweaked. They need to end. Now.

**This is one of a series of articles written by Dawn Hoagland. Ms. Hoagland is a Monroe-Woodbury Parent, taxpayer, and a teacher in the Peekskill City School District.”

Teachers and parents must contact legislators and let them know we ARE NOT ASLEEP THIS TIME.