Digging deeper on Lamar Alexander yields scary information!

Want the skinny on who Senator Lamar Alexander, who is rushing through a vote on his new ESEA bill that affects ALL OUR CHILDREN, really is? He is egregiously aligned with Arne Duncan and his agenda.


“Lamar Alexander once claimed, “The brand new American school would be year-round, open from 6 to 6, for children 3 months to 18 years.”

Senator Lamar Alexander, who is heading up the Reauthorization of the ESEA effort, and has taken aggressive steps to effectually SHUT down all public comment, has a long history of pushing forward his radical agenda to restructure ALL of American society. His agenda won’t just affect children adversely. It will also affect YOU!

Bear in mind that the “AMERICA 2000 PLAN,” written in 1991, was designed to implement the Carnegie Corporation’s restructuring agenda, was presented to the American people by President Bush’s Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander. The plan proposed to radically restructure American society and was prepared by, amongst others, Chester Finn—former assistant secretary, Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), and associated with Education Excellence Network.”

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SVWDNvJ03FY (must watch)

He wants a socialist nation for our children. China. Children as human capital to be managed. A womb to tomb work force.

Who is supporting this bill? Think again. Schools are not socialist camps. Yet.

Please see link below on this bill: