Career planning for the playground set.


Are people finally waking up to the sheer ludicrous thought process behind trying to choose life careers for little children? It all reads like satire, yet it is alarmingly real.  Gate$ and the oligarchs have decided that we should enforce ‘rigor and grit’ to even pre schoolers.  They want cradle to career data on our offspring. Not theirs though, as their kids aren’t in public schools that are poisoned by common core. But ours, they need to pick career paths and demonstrate college readiness at just a few years out of diapers. This is sheer madness. Why is it only now being exposed? Parents knew this was a diseased plan since it was forced upon on us years ago. Waking up is taking too long. The hour grows late for this generation. We are losing all semblance of normalcy.

On The Infantilization of College Admissions:

“In some ways, our culture idolizes childhood, but in others, it utterly destroys it. Perhaps the two go hand-in-hand. The New York Times asked recently, “Is Your First Grader College Ready?” It details classes full of elementary students going on college visits and filling out mock applications. At some colleges, the wait list for elementary-school tours is so long, they offer virtual campus visits. But that’s not all. Oh, no, that is not all….”