Career paths for little children, a market share.


How much do you know about Career tracking? Workforce prep for babies? Determining and tracking ADHD and intrusive psychological profiling with the use of expensive data mining exams? It reads like fiction.

This new career and college readiness myth perpetuated by the powers that be, is both laughable and simultaneously terrifying. It aligns perfectly with Duncan’s insane “look every child in the eye by 2nd grade, to know if they are on track to go to college. Or not.”
These people think they can predict a child’s career path when working with kids that are just a few years out of diapers. They think all children develop at the same rate. They think they know. They know nothing.


Core concerns advocacy group asks:

“Are you comfortable with someone else deciding your child’s future based on standardized test scores and DATA? Pearson has a whole battery of behavioral assessments, including an entire arm devoted to Psychology (check out Pearson PsychCorp). Pearson has bought at least 4 ADHD companies that diagnose ADHD online. … makes you wonder what (extra) data is collected from the PARCC test.”

Sadly, they don’t see the madness of college and career readiness for eight year olds.

The current political administration has aspirations of trying to be like China. Japan doesn’t think this is appropriate. And China is moving away from standardized testing and rigor. How can we be looking to China if China is looking to us??

On China and USA role reversal:“testing-free”-zone-the-new-ten-commandments-of-education-reform/

Take a look at the 16 career clusters the USDOE want to pigeon hole your child into. Did you know what you wanted to be as a child? As a Kindergartener, were you on a path to career readiness?


Where are the blue collar, arts and creative, or family owned entrepreneurial jobs? And, how about good old fashioned homesteaders, farmers, and stay at home parent jobs?
This is the Gate$ vision. Is it yours, America?

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