Districts debunked on pro testing teacher gag orders.


New York parents and teachers please read. What is your super telling your teachers with regard to testing? Here is an example from an upstate New York Hudson Valley district.



“In his answer, Superintendent Padalino focuses on why the tests are needed and how the results are useful to him. He is in favor of these tests and very clearly not in favor of teachers promoting test refusals.”

“Although Mr. Padalino gives solid reasons for his data driven needs, there is a glaring problem with teachers being allowed to speak directly to parents to advocate for refusals. Namely, these tests are made to judge the teacher and not the student. ”

Litigation is an issue. Where is NYSUT? Supers are worried too. This mess has brought the fear onto all.

That said, the supers are wrong about the data being needed to aid students, and it being the reason for gagging teachers. And it is unfair. And it needs to be challenged, as does this entire unethical system that punishes children and teachers alike.

A #stopcommoncore parent activist writes this open letter on these assertions.

“I would like to debunk the few comments the Kingston super made. Data driven? How when the scores aren’t available to parents ever and aren’t even available to teachers until the following year, after their students have moved on? It provides no data on the kids, it’s just used to fire teachers.

Kids aren’t punished? They’re sitting through 9 hours of testing and are no longer receiving a fair and appropriate education since the entire year is spent teaching to these useless tests and then the teachers are removed from the classrooms for days to score them.

Data? The cut scores are arbitrary and ever changing. And these tests are designed to fail 70% of the students. They’re not at appropriate age, grade or development level and they’re full of trick and erroneous material. The teachers are on a gag order not to discuss the tests. That is unethical. These are minors. Never before have parents had to question such tests.

Teachers and parents, this is the time to unite. Failure to speak up won’t save the teachers jobs, it will ultimately cost their jobs when they’re fired due to these unethical tests and practices. Kingston has amazing teachers. The parents are on your side. Help us protect the children and your profession concurrently by being honest with parents.”

If teachers are truly not allowed to discuss testing due to the alleged conflict of interest, why do no supers ever discuss this?

Here is a bill demanding that parents be notified of their right to refuse.


Some teachers have refused to administer these tests all over the Country. Is that not also a conflict? Ultimately, they’re saving their jobs in the long run, at the risk of losing them in the immediate. But they surely are protecting the children.

All over the country and the state, supers are speaking out. They’re protecting the kids and teachers. They’re not putting big business first. Here are just some examples. This is the support teachers, parents and students so sorely need.


And here.

And here.

And here.






How do we awaken the rest?

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