Opt-Out parents and children being harassed and terrorized across Louisiana

Thank you to the #STOPCOMMONCORENY TEAM for taking the lead in a HUGE phone, email, twitter campaign to combat these practices all over the country.

Crazy Crawfish

For the past several weeks I’ve been getting reports from parents in different parishes across the state of Louisiana describing how their school systems are handling parents choosing to opt their children out of the PARCC test.  The opt-out movement started in part because parents have gotten fed up with all the testing parishes are doing in place of teaching, and have chosen to have their voices heard by taking a stand against this abusive practice by refusing to have their children tested in the secret and unknown test that Superintendent John White secretly procured, or produced with in-house staff.  (For simplicity’s stake I will refer to it as the PARCC test, although Louisiana is not currently a PARCC participant and has no direct contract with the vendor that produces and grades the PARCC exam. )

Testing has gotten out of control in public education in our country.  Some parishes…

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