On the culture of blackmailing, bribing and bullying children.


Is gambling legal for minors? Is bribery ethical? How about punitive action against students whose parents make the choice to refuse tests that are REFUSABLE? Punishing the entire student body for a few brave souls who refuse the tests is reprehensible. If this isn’t feeding the big data, big corporations at the expense of the integrity of the schools, then what is? This is going on in New York as well as other states, so pay attention.


And in Louisiana the bad behavior seems limitless. This memo was sent to teachers. It says recess is cut due to test refusals, and iPads are offered to those who ‘test their best’.


Please note that parents and teachers from all over the country have spoken loudly to this district through email and social media. This district loves common core. That is their right. But this petty behavior of bullying children is not. It’s made headlines all over. Thousands of emails and tweets have been sent to this district.

The district remains largely silent except for a few stray comments blaming the teachers who leaked this information to begin with. Was this information supposed to be secret, and then it would be acceptable?

It’s gone viral.





Social media is having an impact. Please keep up the pressure to make adults take responsibility for their actions to push unhealthy practices with bullying tactics.


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