Who are we?


Let’s dispel some myths about the stop common core activists. We who fight common core and obsessive, useless testing are not here because we are a bunch of ‘white suburban moms whose kids aren’t as smart as we thought they were.’, ala Arne Duncan. (And may we add, in what other job title could a national representative say such a thing without losing his job?)

We are many. We are parents of honor students. We are grand parents. We are ‘highly effective’ teachers. We are aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers. We are school principals. We are empty nesters. We are childless by choice and career oriented. We come from all walks of life and are all income levels. We share a single goal. That goal is not to ‘make school easier’, or to show children ‘they can shirk the daily challenges and hard work’. That goal is to take back our schools. We share the vision of reclaiming the American freedoms our forefathers afforded us, currently stripped away by big money and the United States of Gate$.

Bill Gate$ had a idea. And he paid for it. It was a drop in the bucket for him, but blood and tears for our families is being shed. Bill Gate$ sees the world as in desperate need of his ideas to save it. He paid some folks to make up a curriculum the entire planet could ultimately adopt. American children are the guinea pigs in this experiment. His own words were, “we won’t know for at least a decade if this education thing worked”. You cool with that? We aren’t. And it isn’t because our children are ‘not smart’. And it isn’t because we want to coddle them. It IS because a collection of unqualified people made up these standards and this curriculum, and then a billionaires’ company profited further from buying the rights to it.


We are angry. We are sad when our children cry. We are sorry for our teachers who are rated in a game they cannot win. We are disgusted when the entire year of learning for our children consists of teaching to an erroneous, age inappropriate, too long, too falsely important test. A test that is designed for 70% of students to fail. This test that has reading and math levels at three years above our children’s developmental age. These tests that parents cannot see, teachers cannot discuss, and that exist sheerly to fire the teachers we love. These tests that our special needs children, our young children, our children who have the right to a federal-free fair and appropriate education, are subjected to at the expense of real teaching.


Teachers have come forward and said that the profession they love is gone. We want to help them get it back. The culture of bullying in government is a fact in states like New York and New Jersey. The people have been beaten down by threats of fund withholding until we comply with the bidding of these tyrants. The oligarchs have bought and sold our freedoms. That is why we fight.

Don’t offer us ‘listening tours.’ That has to be the most condescending term ever offered, and it’s no disguise that it is a career politician speaking down to the American family with no voice for us at all in such a venue. We are tax payers and we are voters. We deserve better.

You need to protect your children and the children of this entire country by refusing the tests. The tests are invalidated if we have sufficient refusals. Protect your teachers by educating your neighbors about common core, and by making sure they know their right to refuse. Starve PEARSON. Let the USDOE know DUNCAN can not condescend to us any longer. Let them know the sit and stare policies are abusive. These are children. Cutting of recess to accommodate more test prep is abusive. These are children. College and career readiness for a 7 year old is preposterous. These are children. My child isn’t college and career ready, because he is A CHILD.


Gates may want these babies to funnel as ‘human capital into a career pipeline’, but we want them to make amazing memories and love to learn. Childhood happens in a moment. A six year old should not be career ready. No, no no.


Who are we? We are America. We are taking our country back.


Pearson and common core.