Teach for America and the Common Core Agenda.


Teach for America. Where to begin? For those who ask, these are low paid green, fresh out of school, entry level college kids who took a single crash course in core agenda script following. These are largely not even education majors by design.

TFA are trainees that have a five week training in common core proctoring. They are low paid, non masters degree proctors designed to replace teachers and be obedient to the core curriculum. Although they have been around a while, their role has been neatly absorbed into the larger scheme to serve the current education DEform agenda.

TFA are put into the neediest classrooms where they are the least likely to make a difference. Where children need the most veteran teachers, TFA takes over.

TFA is part of the larger agenda to get rid of high paid, difficult to influence teachers who do NOT like teaching from a script.

Please read more about them here.


“Teach For America is one of the most controversial school reform organizations operating today. TFA recruits new college graduates, gives them five weeks of summer training and then places them in some of America’s neediest classrooms, presuming that just a little over a month of training is sufficient to do the job.
Critics point out that high-needs students, who are the ones who get TFA teachers, are the children who most need veteran teachers. In fact, some veterans are now losing their jobs to TFA corps members, because TFAers are less expensive to hire, and some school teaching communities are becoming less cohesive because TFA members promise only to stay for two years and leave teaching at a greater rate than traditionally trained teachers.”


A former TFA has been speaking out.

“Not only were we youngsters going into “rough” schools with the stated goal of changing what they had not been able to, but we had done this with only half a summer’s worth of preparation. ”


Another former TFA and education expert states:

“From pretty early on, I became critical of their training model. I felt like it wasn’t preparing people. Teach for America has only five weeks of training, And I actually think that it could be enough time, but I don’t think they use the time wisely. These student teachers sometimes only – they only teach for 12 days, one hour a day, and the classes often only have maybe 10 or 12 students in them. Some classes have as few as four students. So this is not a realistic training model, and you need to practice teaching to get good at it.

Well, my most significant criticism is that their exaggerated claims of success end up, I think, harming the education system in a couple of different ways.
But the biggest thing is that politicians hear these inflated successes, a nd then they buy into the current myth that we’ve got these old, lazy teachers that need to be replaced with these young go-getters. And that’s also not the way it works.”


Teachers, this is why you need to speak up to save your jobs. The common core agenda labels teachers as failing. The administration has gagged you into fear of speaking the truth. Failing to speak is not the answer. Saving your profession means speaking out.

Silence is not the answer.