The latest PEARSON scandal. Still considering letting your children test?


Will this latest exposure be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Will this be the catalyst that forces the districts to defend the students in their charge from unethical data mining and the testing monopoly?

Will this awaken the media so they can no longer white wash the harmful environment schools have become under common cores fed and corp led Ed?

How much more are we expected to take?

Here is a compilation of pieces about this PEARSON scandal from March 2015. Learn about what is happening to your children and schools. You cannot afford to live in the dark.

What more can we add? Not much. They’ve said it all.

If common core and the testing disease and all related data mining isn’t the biggest scandal of the century educationally, what is?


Calling for a full investigation:

Anna Shah of NYSAPE shares:


District statement:


And then there’s this page that was alive and well two hours ago, but has since been scrubbed and poof, gone.

Pearson’s weak defense is that children would be held accountable for some type of malpractice. Malpractice for minors? Who are not professionals nor employees, NOR ADULTS?