Vein scanning? Welcome to data mining 101.


In light of the breaking PEARSON scandal where a school was immediately called to discipline a child after said child allegedly committed a ‘security breech’ by discussing a PEARSON test on Internet, we thought it was a good time to discuss vein and palm tracking.

You okay with biometric tracking on minors?

– A parent interviewed in this piece states what we were thinking.

“My son is not using the technology,” he says. “I’ll be honest, I think it’s horrible. It’s an intrusion into our children’s rights.”
Webb says he’s concerned that use of the scanners by elementary school students normalizes the use of biometrics and anesthetizes young children to recognizing privacy violations later in life.
“I understand taking an iris scan of a pilot at an airport, so you know it’s the right pilot flying the plane” he says. “This is that level of equipment they’re installing in a line that serves steamed corn. I don’t think it rises to the level of steamed corn.”

How does this level of intrusion make you feel? Science fiction never felt so real. Because till now, it wasn’t.

If PEARSON is monitoring the students which we unwittingly allow by letting them test, and we are also allowing them to also have their bodies scanned, where does that leave any possibility of privacy?

And this?? Orwellian is right.

Where will they stop?

Additional contributions from Anna Shah, SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT NY and NYSAPE.