Standards vs curriculum? Irrelevant, it’s still junk science.


How are Common Core ‘standards’ playing out in the schools?
An Indiana teacher shares :

“I worked in a middle school for 7 years and loved it until 4 years ago when CC came in. The teachers changed the students changed. And not for the better. It was horrible. I finally had to resign at Christmastime because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was a Reading Interventionist, which I see now is a part of Common Core, and worked with the kids that weren’t at reading level. They melted down because the work was too hard and because the tests were really hard. Broke my heart. I couldn’t be a part of the destruction anymore.

Before CC the teachers loved their jobs and the students. When CC came in the teachers started yelling and the kids started shutting down.
And they yell all the time… yelling because the kids don’t understand the homework. Yelling because they know if the students don’t do well they won’t get good evaluations. The kids don’t understand because the cc is impossible to understand. With some teachers it’s all day, every day. Some were right beside my room and even with my door shut I could hear them like they were in my room.”

Standards. Curriculum. Those who defend common core do so with the false claim that common core is “just standards.” Is this true and does it matter? These ‘standards’ have never before been tested and were not written by educators. Our children were sold to the highest bidder. They are guinea pigs and we are allowing the USDOE to throw sand in their eyes.

Standards alone may not account for the ruin of schools caused by common core. The standards drive the curriculum. That was the admitted plan. So, it’s a bit of all of it. Poison made of several concoctions is still poison.

Claiming ‘standards’ as an excuse is meaningless and a crutch. If the standards are age inappropriate and the ‘curriculum’ is junk, it is still a misery.

Michael Panessa, administrator from #StopcommoncoreNYS shares;

“From standards to data mining, to high stakes testing to funding formulas, to school death penalties to APPR, to the gutting of IDEA by districts themselves, our education system is broken in New York. Not from the bottom up as so often charged, but rather from the top down.

Our system is literally being ripped apart and along with it our children’s education and well being.”

Why are standards any less harmful when they’re a dangerous experiment?

The problem is not the testing. Ask yourself if the standards themselves were 1- written by educators 2- enforced in a democratic fashion 3- are age appropriate 4- have an agenda. The answer will tell you this is not just the testing, either. This is a federal and corporate take over in its entirety.

“Allow me to counter Gates’ billionaire view with my hundredaire reality.
Gates opens with CCSS as “not a curriculum” and that CCSS does not “tell teachers how to teach.” Nevertheless, according to his 2009 speech to legislators, Gates anticipates that CCSS will lead to curriculum and assessments that set teachers at the mercy of “market forces”:

When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces in the service of better teaching. For the first time, there will be a large base of customers eager to buy products that can help every kid learn and every teacher get better. [Emphasis added.]”

“Supporters who say that the Core is just completely divorced from a national curriculum and of course all curriculum control stays local are being disingenuous. CCSS does not mandate a national curriculum, but it ploughs the road, opens the path, greases the skids, and directs traffic toward it. The Core Standards make it hugely likely that we will not only have a national curriculum, but also that it will created by some corporation (best bet– one whose name starts with “P” and end s with “earson”).”

. Common Core is only a set of standards, not curriculum; states will still control their curriculum.

. The point of standards is to drive curriculum. Ultimately, all the CC states will be teaching pretty much the same curriculum. In fact, the testing consortia being funded by USED admitted in their grant applications that they would use the money to develop curriculum models.”

The next time someone says, don’t complain about common core, it’s just standards, I will say, it matters not, it’s all just wrong.