Who thought of forcing children on IEPs to take grade-level high stakes standardized tests anyway?

Grade level? Common core tests are proven to be about three years above grade level. Awful.

Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

Dear Bill and Melinda,

Katie and Susan would like to ask you some questions about this powerful video created by a parent:

Katie: In this moving video, a 3rd grade boy with special needs struggles to complete just one of the math problems given to him for homework. It resembles test prep work and the student ultimately shuts down. Imagine what it must be like for his teacher trying to give him individualized instruction with 26 other kids in the class. This is our reality: teaching-to-the-test to a diverse group of students and overcrowded classrooms, to name just a few of our struggles. This boy needs meaningful work that addresses his particular needs, not standardized test prep.

– Katie, ESL teacher whose students include ELLs with special needs (they have IEPs like this boy)


Under IDEA, as a special education teacher, I am responsible for writing Individualized…

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