We will not allow our son to take Common Core state tests


As the parents of an 8 year old, we are very proud when our son takes on challenges.  Quite often, we are the ones encouraging our son to take on these challenges.  We never encourage him to win or get 100s, we only hope that he tries his best.  So why won’t we allow him to take Common Core state tests?

For starters, they are not a challenge.  We would hardly consider 6 days and close to 600 minutes of testing a very limited number of skills/standards to be a challenge.  How long does a child really want to swim in a puddle for?  We would much rather prefer a test with a bit more depth.  After all, choosing between A B C or D for 6 days doesn’t sound all that rigorous.

We can’t see the test.  If our son is going to spend 6 days and close to 600 minutes taking the test, we would…

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