Nysed threatens to squash school board for test refusal.


Ken ton school board voted tonight to consider not giving the common core state tests. This is a huge step in the right direction. We await word of when the final decision will be made.

But guess what?

At the meeting, it was announced that they received an email from the Deputy of NYSED, who said NYSED has the right to dissolve the BOE if they refuse to administer the tests as a whole. Looks like this says they can.


This is just incredible. No words.

Now it’s up to PARENTS TO PROTECT THE SCHOOL BOARD with 100% refusal.


“On March 24, 2015, the Ken-Ton School Board unanimously voted “Yes” to ‘seriously consider’ boycotting the administration of grade 3-8 NYS Common Core tests.

During the board’s presentation, President Bob Dana said that they have been contacted by the NYS Education Department (NYSED) and have been told that if the board follows through with a boycott, NYSED will move to have each board member removed from their position.

We must protect our brave board members by OPTING-OUT. Let us do for them what they have done for us. Ken-Ton residents, please submit your OPT-OUT form now! If enough Ken-Ton parents opt-out, then our brave board members will not have to follow through with district boycott as parent opt-out will serve the same purpose without the risk.”

This gets more ludicrous by the day.

If you live here, or elsewhere in Ny, be sure you are aware of this.