Sit and stare is WRONG.


Sit and stare is bullying and wrong.

While New York does not use Parcc proper yet, but rather a relative, the Parcc reps clearly have stated they do NOT want non testers IN THE TEST ROOM DURING testing. So while the few remaining supers claim they ‘have to’ use the punitive sit and stare policy, they are actually breaking the testers rules by doing so.

Here is a letter sent to a parent who questioned this.

“Dear xxxx,
Thank you for contacting PARCC Customer Support.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and the confusion on this issue. A student would be considered a non-testing studen,t if the student is not taking the test. If a parent like yourself refuses the test, your child is considered a non-testing student. For security reasons, the non-testing student or students should not be in the same room as testing students. If you need any further assistance, please contact us again.

As always, thank you for contacting PARCC Customer Support.

Thank you,
PARCC Customer Support

The following piece illustrates the false claims from a random sit and stare district and the rebuttal offered with true data.

NYSUT condemns sit and stare.

What superintendent wants to punish children for the choices their parents make to stand in civil disobedience? That is a shameful practice indeed. They are doing this to prove who is boss to parents and to hopefully intimidate them into allowing their children to test. Is that in the best interest of children?
That is not the spirit of an educator, but of a bully.

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Thank you to Stop Common Core in New York, United to Counter the Core, and NYSAPE for contributions and assistance toward the cause of a fair and appropriate education for these children.

Additional contributions from Anna Shah, Schools of Thought, and NYSAPE.