NYSEDs Shell Game at the Carnival

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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Nysed disclaimer on the teacher state tests instructions for students as young as 8 reveals trick questions and “hard choices” that must be made by students thanks to the Pearson made common core tests.


According to the 2015 RFP for test development, NYSED will require Pearson to craft tests using  complicated rationale such as  offering choices that amount to “common student misconceptions”:

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The test passages must be  laced with “distractors” designed to fake out the students and trick him or her from choosing the correct answer:

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The questions will require “close” reading such that the question must be developed so that NO outside, personal or experiential information can be relied on to assist the student in deciphering “plausible but incorrect” from  a “fully correct” answer:

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What is the point of all this deceit and trickery? Is this a legit test or is this a joke, are students really at the…

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