Common Core to Children: Its not About You.

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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My little boy is a bundle of energy. He is curious, motivated and eager to learn. As with most kid his age, he sometimes thinks the world revolves around him and he’s right. He’s 7, it does. As it should. Because thats how kids learn….through thinking, feeling, experience and relating to things believing that they are at the center of it all.
For instance, I can tell my 7 year old time and time again not to ride his bike too fast or else he will fall off and get hurt. I can explain to him that when I was a child, I fell off my bike and got hurt. If I ask him to learn from MY mistake, will he? No, of course not.
Until that day that he actually rides his bike too fast and falls off and skins his own knee, he will never fully appreciate what…

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