How the Common Core and High-Stakes Testing are Sabotaging Students

Lakeland Federation of Teachers

ccBy Michael Lillis
President, Lakeland Federation of Teachers and ST Caucus Hudson Valley Coordinator

Let’s talk about the Common Core and high-stakes testing as an experiment.

Why? There are two reasons.

First, when experimenting on people, it is important to acknowledge it’s an experiment because it has the ability to do harm.  This is a significant point because Governor Cuomo and the State Education Department refuse to acknowledge the damage being done to children.  

Second, as an experiment, it is as likely to fail as it is to succeed.  The proponents of Common Core and high-stakes tests like to immerse themselves in a lot of data and pretentious language.  Testing proponents and the State Education Department use data and complex language to hide simple realities that when exposed are indefensible.  They cannot defend a great deal of their reform agenda and it seems smarter when packaged in this way.  As comedian John…

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