Professor Oyer: Chancellor Tisch Must Go.

Chancellor Tisch has been repeatedly tone deaf to the needs of children and families, and teachers.  She is a proponent of both common core and the abusive, money making testing practices that are hurting our children and taking all creativity from our teachers.  She is suggesting a mandatory state exam because instead of listening to the WHY behind the refusal movement, she’s decided to make it go away.

She needs to find a new position, perhaps with John King who was promoted for similar behavior.

The regents chancellor has called our refusals a ‘huge mistake’.


This blatant disregard of the constituents, tax payers, families and children in New York must end. This is education. It has become a game of dirty politics in which our children are pawns.

Thank you to Schools of Thought NY (SOTHVNY) for putting in words what we all agree on! This leadership is worse than no leadership at all.

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

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Yesterday, I watched a video of Chancellor Merryl Tisch speaking to the press about the budget, teacher evaluation piece and common core and found her completely disconnected from reality. For instance, she commented that with common core “students become owners of facts that are useful in their lives”.–chancellor-of-the-state-board-of-regents-discusses-education-reform.html

Given that the crux of common core utterly eliminates text to self knowledge and emphasizes text dependent knowledge from reading and critical thinking in our classrooms, I found Tisch’s statement to be utterly ignorant and backwards. I put an impromptu blog piece together to address my concerns about Tisch and set the record straight her about common core, here:

Many parents and educators across the state share my concerns about Chancellor Tisch’s leadership. Tisch has been steering the Regents reform steam boat  and has pressed the accelerator while blasting through the ocean of public education while watering down sound educational…

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