Peter Greene: More Craigs’ List Advertising for Test Scorers at $11.20 an Hour

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Peter Greene reports on another test-scoring company looking for test scorers.

Measurement Incorporated boasts ten scoring centers, which is a good thing because “to guarantee test security, all work has to be done at one of our Scoring Centers in Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Kansas and Washington or from a secure work station in your home.”

The ad, which went up ten days ago, is part of a recruiting drive for the test-correction high season of March and April. “These projects may include scoring test items in reading, math, science, social studies, or written essays. The tests come from many different states representing students at all grade levels.”

The job starts at $11.20. After logging 450 hours, workers are eligible to bump up to $11.95. Day and night shifts are available, and workers are expected to put in five days a week.

Peter Greene’s summary:

I expect we’ll continue…

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