Teachers report on today’s Ela exam.

I am a student

Teachers are pouring in with horrendous reports on day one of ela testing. They are saying the children could not finish the exams and they were unacceptably stressful and grade levels above the children’s capabilities.  The teachers were very upset and yet have no recourse.

One brave Nyc teacher speaks out below in detail. Because she fears for her job in this punitive environment, she asked to remain anonymous.

If you’re letting your child test for the ela, reconsider for the math. Here is why.

“MANY 6th grade students did not finish Day 1, Book 1, 42 multiple choice questions, 6 passages in 90 minutes. That’s an average of 2 minutes per question WITHOUT even reading the passages. The passages were 2 pages long. Some of the questions were summary questions. The 4 answer choices were like 3 long sentences in each choice. Top students didn’t finish the test – 13% did not finish in the class that I proctored (honors class). Two other teachers told me that in their classes, only 4-5 students finished. I read the first set of questions and started skimming the rest of the book. The passages were so long….”
Other teachers also wrote in to say there were numerous plausible answers, which we already knew to be the case.

This is why the tests in and of themselves are inappropriate. It’s not just a political statement to refuse, although that is a huge and valid reason. It is also that the tests are designed to fail 60% or more of students. This is a method to show our education system is failing and in need of help. It’s a way to fire masters leveled teachers, to replace them with cheap, submissive labor. We are killing the self worth and esteem of our children if we allow this.
We are showing the USDOE that this is acceptable.

Please keep this in mind for the math test. It isn’t too late.

A NY professor speaks on refusals. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sau7nx4K-i4