You are making history.


~~~~~~ CIVIL RESISTANCE  ~~~~~~

We are hearing from many teachers that the MAJORITY of students have refused. Some schools don’t know where to put all the refusing students because there are so many.

You are making history.

By refusing the test this year you as a parent have told the USDOE:

– I say no to corporate take over of my childs education

– I say no to the federal intrusion of my child’s education

– I say no to one size fits all education

– I say no to evaluating good teachers with this flawed method.

– I say no to allowing erroneous and age inappropriate material to become an acceptable yet regrettable norm

– I say no to the loss of local control over curricula

– I say no to state sanctioned child abuse.

You are making history.

You are asserting your rights as a parent but also as a tax payer and constituent. You are defending the future of this nation. You aren’t just protecting children and teacher’s careers, you are showing the oligarchs that their rules cannot be blindly imposed on you.

You are making a difference.

If your child is sitting and staring today, or forced to do lengthy “work packets” in a punitive fashion, you and your child are doubly thanked for your stance.

The only way to speak is to SPEAK.

Bad things happen when good men are silent.

Silent no more.