Standardized testing for upper class suburban property value assessment? This just gets better by the day.


Just when when we though the utter arrogance of the common core pushers and media could not possibly get worse, we were again surprised.  This is an angle most of us wouldn’t have predicted. The fact that they ‘went there”, is appalling.  Saying parents should allow their children to be guinea pigs for this mad science experiment in the name of property values for the affluent neighborhoods is surely crossing a line.

Also, here:

What kind of angle is this? What parent would promote such abuse so they can raise property values and advertise how smart their children are in order to sell their homes and keep up with the Joneses?

Can’t unsee this one.

We can only hope this is a spin from the reporter and not NYSED.

Perhaps the most bizarre part is that there are some suggesting the richest districts should be exempt from testing!

Can they speak out of both sides of their mouths any more blatantly?

All we can say is, “oh, no, you didn’t.”