The SBAC Seeps with Poison… Story One… Spokane, WA

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

It’s only the first few weeks of the Smarter Balanced Assessment and already stories of its poisonous venom are striking into our children’s lives. This is only the beginning. More of these stories will be cascading in, as the toxic testing continues.

The testing puts our children in developmentally inappropriate conditions as they are made to peck at their keyboards. The performance tasks require paragraphs. This test is discriminatory in more than handful of ways, and it is definitely not a tool to measure how well our children are doing in school.

The stories of threats are seeping into the walls of Washington State Schools including the children themselves, who are being told at schoolwithout their parent present… “if they don’t take the test they will have to repeat the grade and not be allowed to go to the next grade, or go to summer school.” This is rotten to…

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