Arne Duncan Threatens to Step In if Opt Outs Continue to Grow

Duncan is a bully.
True bullies are emotionally stunted with a limited range of reactions. Instead of looking into the why and attempting a peacemaking conversation, he gets angry and he will get even.

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Arne Duncan’s response to the many thousands of parents who are now opting out of state testing is typical of his past remarks about “white suburban moms” who are disappointed to learn that their children are not so brilliant after all, or teachers and parents who have been “lying” to their children by praising their mediocre school performance. He basically says they should get over it and do what the state and federal government tells them to do and stop coddling their children. He doesn’t coddle his children, why should they?

In an interview, he said that the federal government might have to step in if states have too many opt outs. Duncan has been touting the virtues of the Common Core and of the two tests that he funded—PARCC and SBAC–and he can’t understand why parents don’t want their children to take them.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said…

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