PEARSON wins again. Attachment unavailable.


Attachment unavailable.

The social media page that exposed the TOP SECRET, age inappropriate, too long 2015 common core ELA test is mysteriously gone, after threats of a potential lawsuit for “leaking” the test questions.

“A copy of the state’s English Language Arts test that students took last week was leaked online Wednesday in an apparent act of sabotage by anti-testing activists.
More than three dozen photographs of the exam appeared Wednesday morning on the Facebook page “Education is a journey, not a race — USA,” which has posted screeds against Common Core-linked tests since March 2013.
….Education experts believe the saboteur posted the passages in solidarity with a statewide movement in which thousands of kids opted out of the test. The leak will mean portions of the test will have to be rewritten next year.
“This is a political act and it will be interesting to see whether [test-creation company] Pearson or the state Department of Education understands it as that or goes after them for civil or criminal liability,” said Brooklyn College education Professor David Bloomfield, who called the post an act of “civil disobedience.”
State education officials would not confirm whether they were investigating the leak but said the makeup period for the exam had concluded before the test became public, meaning no one was able to cheat using the leaked exam.
“The real consequence is additional taxpayer dollars and more class time on field tests to replace the exposed questions,” said state Education Department spokesman Dennis Tompkins.”

Of course it is a political act.

We see more blame and finger pointing and threats, yet never a dialog as to why this is happening and any responsibility taken by the powers that be.


The USDOE fights back. More field tests, more money spent from our tax dollars, criminal investigations, shutting down child advocacy groups, charges brought on parents and teachers.

Threats abound, but where is the culpability?
Are we in a communist country? What happened to freedom of speech and freedom of information? Why are these tests so secret? Because they’re designed to fail 70% of students with their age inappropriate content, unreasonable length, and erroneous material.

Do they discount the thousands of screen shots taken by angry parents and teachers who easily predicted they would attempt to silent the leak?  The Education is a Journey, Not a Race social media advocacy page is GONE, erased from existence. Even the Post online articles images are gone. But the images are out there, all over Internet.  Sixth grade Lexile levels for a fourth grade test. Hours of reading at clearly age inappropriate expectations. It’s out there and can’t be unseen.

PEARSON and the DOE win again. Or do they?