FOM: Social Media CCSS Truth…. or Not


It's Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what's truth, what's fallacy/fib or what's in between. It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what’s truth, what’s fallacy/fib or what’s in between.

Today’s Fib-o-Meter will take a peek at how CCSS is being portrayed on social media. The way this will work is you’ll see the screen shot first, then the Fib-o-Meter’s revelation. Be sure to access the links used to back up each revelation.

Here’s a plug from the feds in D.C. about HR5 (Student Success Act).


Total Fallacy!
Anita Hoge’s article gives you the “Total Truth”, however. See:

Here’s another tweet from 4/23/15:


Total Truth!
Here’s the link to the Pioneer paper. I’m with them..where are the hearings?

Achieve wants you to believe educators love CCSS:


Total Fallacy!

Achieve, Inc. got this from a newspaper editorial out of TN. As of this writing, no comments have been made to the newspaper. If you have a few minutes, why not…

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