Parents demand an independent investigation of the NYS common core exams.


WE THE PEOPLE demand an independent review of the PEARSON common core NY state testing.

Teacher reports have been pouring in 2015 on the age inappropriate, erroneous material on these tests. They go ignored or worse, censored.

Below, the ‘higher ups’ are admitting these exams need immediate review. Notice the article says “optional exams”.

This years exams, now that they’re done, are revealed for the absolute farce they are. How tragic that children were forced to sit for up to 9 hours to endure this absolute error ridden, age inappropriate garbage. We questioned this last year as well if you recall, and heard nothing but crickets. Are you outraged yet?

Read here about the MANY problems, errors, inaccuracies, etc with standardized tests made by PEARSON.

1.Lexile levels grades above the capability and developmental appropriateness of the students, numerous correct answers, too many, too lengthy passages. Pictures of these texts were posted on social media and censored. (See here: )

Many parents and teachers have copies of the censored test photos. The test is a secret, need we ask why? An investigation is needed at once.

2. In addition to age inappropriateness, and being far too long to be completed in the allotted time, although the entire years work has been tailored to teach to the test, these tests were not aligned with the curriculum! The obsessive test focus all year was useless because material that was taught was not what was tested.

3. Why would our state possibly put so much weight on unassessed tests, especially in the face of the avalanche of concerns voiced by those who have seen the tests? This cannot be in the best interests of children.

4. Here is a seriously bizarre and disturbing ethical issue. Teachers are instructed not to look at the test.

Who ever heard of this level of stealth for a child’s exam?

And then there is the math.
The math exam which ended today, we hear is even worse.

Why has no independent evaluation been ordered? Where is the accountability? Who will protect our children if not us?
Parents have asked before.

And yet, again, crickets. Albany ignores our pleas.

Some food for thought:

QUESTION: Which NY standardized tests are fully transparent, published in full online, with answer keys?


Grade 4 Science test
Grade 8 Science test
Grades 3-8 ELA tests, 2006-2010
Grades 3-8 math tests, 2006-2010
Every high school Regent exam

Grades 3-8 Common Core ELA tests, 2011-present
Grades 3-8 Common Core math tests, 2011-present

We demand full transparency.

We did not ask for this fight. It was forced upon us. We must defend our children.

Children are miserable. Parents are furious. Teachers are crying. This is a disgrace.

Kevin Glynn, a teacher from anti testing advocacy group Lace to the Top states:

“The tests say “math test” on the cover, but the confusing paragraphs and numbers on the inside say something else.

I would honestly find value in a teacher created final and dare I say a week of review to prepare, but only if the test is of the highest quality and will promote sound instruction. Item analysis would be completed and students/parents would see areas of weakness and strengths. Plenty of time to address areas of concerns.

Common Core state tests do none of that. They promote a very narrow Pearson view of education. There is an enormous difference between challenging a child and confusing them.”

We did not ask for this fight. It was forced upon us. We must defend our children.

Please read this letter:

As for using the tests to evaluate our schools….and our teachers…..

Economic Policy Institute Study : “Test Scores are unreliable in measuring teacher effectiveness”

According to the U.S. Department of Education Report
(Page 35)  :
“more than 90 percent of the variation in student gain scores is due to the variation in student-level factors that are not under control of the teacher.”

Conclusions of the American Statistical Association : Ranking teachers by their VAM scores can have unintended consequences that REDUCE QUALITY.

This is last years’ test study.

This is a fraud perpetrated with our tax dollars. That has to be a crime.

We demand an investigation and parents insist on a democratic vote on the investigator that includes child advocacy groups and child development specialists.

****We do not want the Regents doing this investigation.


Blog contributions by Mitchell Rubinstein, and the rest of the Stop Common Core team.