The Venomous SBA Strikes Again… Story Two… Pasco, WA

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

Let’s just get real.  Right from the get go.

Let’s call a snake a snake.

The SBA is a snake.

It coils itself around classrooms and injects its poison into the hearts, minds, and spirits of everyone it touches.

For those of you who are new to this slithering mess the acronyms are as follows:

SBAC: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Snake 2AThe Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is a service provided by a public institution (University of California, Los Angeles), governed by member states/territories and funded with member state/territory fees. Smarter Balanced has developed next-generation assessments to accurately measure student progress toward college and career readiness in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. Complete information on the Consortium and its assessments, including full practice tests for each grade and subject, can be found at

SBA:  Smarter Balanced Assessment

The Smarter Balance Assessment is just…

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