Parents threatened with jail and children forcibly bullied in response to opt outs!


What will be the line crossed for when parents say NO MORE?

Is this the line?

“Tamra Hood, a member of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, said the state Education Department’s Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Carpentier, warned parents could spend 30 days in jail if even a single day of testing is missed, Breitbart News reported.
In addition, Hood said Carpentier warned that groups that encourage parents to refuse the Common Core-aligned tests could be charged with aiding and abetting a crime.”

And how about this?

“Some parents told The Greenville News their children were pressured in front of their peers to give in and take the tests, then were removed from the classroom and taken into another room at their schools where the principal again asked them to take the test.
When children refused, they were taken to the school office and issued a discipline referral marked “refusal to obey,” according to documents sent by parents to The News.
The action comes amid a nationwide backlash against standardized tests, which some parents have said are used mainly to rate schools and evaluate teachers and administrators but don’t help their children learn and don’t factor in student grades.”

And more;

One fed up New York parent activist writes:

“Even with hundreds of thousands of NY test refusals, we have accomplished next to nothing and can numbly look forward to an upcoming Presidential election that will very likely put a pro Common Core “Republican” up against a pro Common Core “Democrat.” It’s time to think outside the box.
Whatever Duncan and friends do next – it will likely hurt those white suburban Moms and their kids – considerably. It will be easier to motivate bigger swarms of refusals and resistance after the populace feels the pain and Duncan knows this. He is in an interesting place. Put yourself there and try to imagine the next move. I keep coming to an image of Mulgrew threatening and King obfuscating and Tisch lying and Cuomo snarling and imagine a combination of all of these is coming soon. We have to save the kids. Different action is needed or predictably poor results are in our near future.

While most educated folks recognize that We the People have considerable power, they are too scared (and busy struggling to survive) to coordinate an effective use of this power. We are in need of unified peaceful resistance – a boycott on a National scale – one that is so overwhelming (*and expensive to the States) that it becomes too great a burden to try to interfere on an individual level and forces the FedLedEd to reevaluate.”

-Bruce Friedman.

We the people have lost our rights.

These are CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS. THIS IS A HUGE overreach and clearly not in the best interest of these minors, nor their parents which are stakeholders, tax payers, constituents, and legally responsible to protect and make educational decisions for their own children.

We must plan to take a different civil and peaceful tactic as clearly refusing (“opting out”) is not sufficient to send our message.

The powers that be plan to punish us for refusing. They are still not listening.

Enough is enough.