FIELD TESTS- which are TESTS OF THE TESTS that serve no purpose at all to anyone but the test companies, yet take away from valuable classroom time, are still coming up this year?

Here is a refusal letter, designed by the administrator for the New York advocacy group, Delaware county for public education.

(**note: Please check with your individual district regarding the advisability of refusing the fourth and eighth grade science exam. Most districts treat it like the other state tests where this exam is not counted and simple data mining, but we have heard reports that in some instances these specific science tests may be used for actual countable grades. Field tests are always refusable and simply free labor for testing companies.)
May ___, 2015

Dear Superintendent _____________________
___________________________ School District

I am writing today to express my concerns about the upcoming NYS Field Tests administered in May and June of this year. It is my understanding that these tests have no bearing on teacher evaluations, school accountability, students’ grades or placement, and school funding.
The Field Tests are essentially a marketing point. Testing companies use our student’s field test results to improve test development. Our children are being used, without pay or permission, for test creation and advancement purposes. I would rather my child participate in active learning and instructional time, than be used for test improvement and/or data collection.

Therefore, for May/June of the 2015 school year my/our child, _____________ will not be participating in:
(**please check all that apply)

o The PARCC Stand-Alone ELA Performance-Based Assessment Field Test May 4-June 5

o The Stand-alone New York State 2015 Grades 3–8 ELA and Mathematics Field Tests June 1-10

Regarding all refused tests, we would ask that the school please provide an alternative activity for our children, along with other children who have refused, during administrative sessions of testing.


To see more information on NYS field tests,

Please feel free to cut and paste this letter and use to send to your district/principal/teacher. Our refusals are being noticed. If we do not feed them the data, they will starve.