The reason why 70% of New York students are failing.


This blog is too perfect not to share. Of course the students are set up to fail, but here is why. We know education reform is marketed as necessary to justify it’s massive campaign of abuse. Ever wonder about it?

Thanks to Clemsy.blogspot for the following contribution.

“There is currently more attention on the errors on the Pearson made New York State English/Language Arts assessments and the extreme difficulty of the passages and vocabulary. (One fine example is an article in the Examiner HERE: )
Mistakes on the assessments notwithstanding, one very important question is exasperatingly and consistently ignored: Why do these assessments contain passages and vocabulary so far beyond the average learner at each grade level? This is not an error. This is by design. Then Commissioner King told us that 70% of students would fail these tests and that’s what happened. An examination of the districts’ reports to the state indicate a drop of 20% to 40% of students scoring above level 2 between 2012 and 2013 when the Common Core aligned assessments were first administered. (And that’s when parents on Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley really freaked out and started the opt-out movement that blossomed this spring.) Statewide elementary comparisons between pre-CC and CC assessments can be found HERE.

But this wasn’t because the skills being assessed were so much more rigorous due to the majesty of the Common Core State Standards. It was because third graders were expected to read at the fifth, sixth, seventh and beyond grade levels.

There are only two possibilities to explain this that make any sense.
First, the determination has been made that all students must now perform at the above average to well above average levels, which, of course, is patently absurd. That’s not how education works or how children learn. The second is that State Ed and the governor NEED this level of failure to justify the education “reforms” in the new budget.
Occam’s razor should settle this question rather easily. Our children are being used and abused by the governor and State Ed to manufacture public school failure to break the teachers union and pave the way for a state wide charter school system.

A system whose backers funnel more campaign money into Albany than anyone else, and that has not demonstrated, in any way, that it is any more effective than public schools.
But it does provide those backers and Pearson Education with a lot of tax payer dollars.”

Makes perfect sense. Failure of our schools also justifies the firing of mastered leveled higher paid teachers, to be replaced by crash and burn Teach for America five week, unquestioning tow the line trainees.

The politicians and corporations have a strangle hold on us. They came in slowly but swiftly and sadly, most of the American public has no idea.