EduShyster: The Disgraceful State Takeover of Holyoke, Massachusetts

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Reformers have a problem with democracy: They don’t like it. They like state takeovers, mayoral control, anything that eliminates local control. This is right out of the ALEC play book. Why so reformers hate democracy? They don’t believe that regular, non-rich people are smart enough to control their schools. Think Newark, Camden, and other Néw Jersey cities that lost democracy 20 years ago, with nothing to show for it.

So we turn to Holyoke, Massachusetts, which is a low-income city with a large Latino population. EduShyster tells the sad story here.

Well that certainly didn’t take long. The official state takeover time piece barely registered two hours and the Holyoke Public Schools had officially entered a new state: taken over. If you are keeping count at home, that’s about half as long as the public hearing that preceded the vote, during which some 1,000 + Holyokesters, including some who stood…

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