Scarsdale Forum on High-Stakes Testing: Are Parents Heard in Albany?

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A comment on the blog:

I attended a forum at Scarsdale HS last night (4/30) w panelists Regent Judith Johnson, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, and Scarsdale Schools Superintendent Hagerman.

Chancellor Merryl Tisch and Regent Rosa attended but did not participate.

All panelists spoke to the problems with the state tests and there was general consensus that the tests have no value as a measure of students’ abilities or teacher competencies, that they are a burden to students because test prep takes time away from project-based and other learning and are unnecessarily stressful for children, and are a financial burden to districts.

One of the most interesting comments from Judith Johnson was in response to questions from members of the audience who expressed frustration at not being heard by Albany.

Ms Johnson firmly insisted that parents and opponents to current testing and CC ARE being heard.

HOWEVER, she said that what hasn’t…

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