Tired of pro common core spoutings by authors on the payroll? So are we.

We saw this blog and we were scratching our heads in wonder at this horrendously poor advice, and we considered the fact that the author who claimed to be ‘just a parent and teacher’, was perhaps somehow tied to the Gates foundation.


And once again a parent uncovers the real reason anyone promotes abusive testing practices.

Parents who, sadly, now have to become detectives whenever seeing outlandish pro common core pieces, found that this author represents this organization:

The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, led by ……
Jane Broom, Chair
… director for Microsoft’s Puget Sound Community Affairs.


And direct ties to grants from the Gates Foundation.



And now for the icing on the cake.

“Amount: $235,000 given to Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession in October, 2010 “to develop a network of teachers in Seattle Public Schools who are informed about and actively supportive of district education reform”.
…like Teach for America, good luck with that, and charter schools that do not hire unionized teachers.
So now he is trying to buy the teachers on something that for them is self-destructive, de-professionalizing the field of teaching.”

(Ironically, we cannot get the internal link to the Gates page to connect. But the article works just fine.)

More direct grants:


Of course she is. Of course.

Shame on people who blog about the well being of children, and have financial ties to their garbage propaganda yet don’t disclose such.

This is the disclaimer. Hogwash,

“Katie Taylor is a recently renewed NBCT (AYA/ELA) and serves as the Deputy Director for the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession. The views represented in the blog post are her own and not representative of the organization for which she works.”

Ending common core and high stakes testing is a parent led movement. We do this for free. We do this for the love of our babies. Many of us are empty walleted, stay-at-home moms, who fight armed with only justice and common sense, for the right to a fair and appropriate education for our children. It is hard to fight those with the backing of the almighty dollar, but we continue to march against the tide.

Do us all a favor and keep your paid off opinions to yourself. Close your blog down and return to your day job of destroying the love of learning for children for the almighty dollar. Good luck with that.


(And, because this propaganda writes itself;

https://stopcommoncorenys.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/tired-of-pro-common-core-spoutings-by-authors-secretly-on-the-payroll-part-two/. )